Law Firms in Santa Ana, CA

5 Questions to Ask a Santa Ana, California Lawyer Before Hiring

When you set out to find law firms in Santa Ana CA that will take your case, you may have a clear picture of what you want in your head. Even when you find candidates that meet all of your requirements, you still need an interview to determine if they can help you. Despite this extensive hiring process, a lot of people end up choosing the wrong attorneys in Santa Ana, CA. The most common cause of such mistakes is not asking the right questions. The majority of them only see the interview as an opportunity to further assess the qualifications of the law firm, and this turns out to be their undoing. While basic cost and experience-related questions are necessary, they are not enough. So, what other questions should you ask your potential Santa Ana, California lawyer? We bring you five of the best of these questions.

1. Have You Handled a Case Like Mine?

Attorneys in Santa Ana, CA who have many years of experience working in the city must have handled cases similar to yours in the past, especially if your case is a common one. If your case is rare or unique, you would want to work with law firms in Santa Ana CA that have at least worked on cases that bear similarities to yours in terms of the context. If possible, get them to tell you how they handled or resolved the case.

2. What Would be Your Ideal Ending to My Case?

Even if you already know what you are aiming for, we advise you to ask this question. It lets you in on the type of lawyers you are dealing with. Lawyers in Santa Ana, CA who envision aggressive victories rather than amicable resolutions, tend to “go for the kill” in their cases. Once you find out their personalities, it’s left for you to decide if that is how you want them to proceed with your case or not.

3. What is the Most Likely Ending to My Case?

Have them tell you the possible ways the case may end and which one is most likely, considering the available details. The law firm’s integrity will play a big part in their answer so this is a good way to gauge their level of honesty. Some law firms in Santa Ana CA are dishonest, hence, it’s best you have a pretty good idea of what their answer should sound like.

4. What are My Options?

There may be a lot of laws governing Orange County California lawyers, but winning a case is never an exact science. There are alternative ways to resolve disputes, gain compensation, or avoid trouble. Ask them to briefly tell you all the possible options at your disposal, which one they think you should take, and why.

5. How Familiar are you with Orange County Laws?

The county has laws that may affect your case directly or otherwise. Getting experienced Orange County California lawyers in your team could make the difference between a win or a loss for you. You have no reason to feel embarrassed while asking these questions because there’s little or no room for error in matters of the law. So, ask as many relevant questions as you can and make the right choice out of the dozens of law firms in Santa Ana CA.