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California Law Associates is a Top 100 Trial Lawyers Firm.

California Law Associates:
We handle work injury cases from start to finish.


At California Law Associates, we offer a free consultation and the promise that every conversation is confidential. If you have suffered an injury on the job we know that speaking with your boss can be difficult but we can make that process less stressful for you with our kind and knowledgeable staff to assist you at every step.

California Law Associates:

California Law Associates handle work injury claims

Personal Injury

We understand that being injured is a traumatic event whether it be a car accident, a vicious animal bite, or slipping and falling. At our office, we analyze the extent of your harm and can help get you the proper medical care you need. 

Workers Compensation

If you were hurt while you were on the job, assaulted by a customer or coworker, or suffered any time of other injury during the course of employment you may be entitled to certain benefits to ensure your health and safety.

Personal Injury Claims Lawyers


Aside from workers compensation claims we also handle several accident claims: auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, boat accidents, pedestrian accidents.

What California Law Associates can do for you

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  • Protect your rights
  • Be your advocate
  • Gather information to support your case
  • Keep track of important deadlines
  • Plan a strategy unique to your case and obtain all the benefits available owed to you
  • Represent you in hearings before a workers’ compensation judge
  • Represent you during depositions with your employer’s insurance company
  • Inform you about additional claims and benefits that you may have available
  • Give you a free consultation
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